Green Kids School – Há 10 anos, educando com amor

Bilingual Nursery and Early Childhood Education in Vila Leopoldina

From 4 months to 6 years old

Here at Green Kids School, children are at the center of the learning process. With the concept of Active Learning through projects, we stimulate the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of our students in the classroom.

We do all of this through play, with a lot of creativity and fun activities. We work with the English immersion system, that is, we teach the new language during the school' daily routine.

While your child is at Green Kids School, he or she will be immersed in an environment where English is the official language. This allows the little ones to learn this new foreign language in a fun and spontaneous way.

Sustainability, in its broadest concept, is in our DNA. We believe that moral values are taught by example. We are part of the Escolas do Bem project and also support several social actions.

Many parents join forces with us, and this partnership brings great results for society!

Nursery & K1

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Confira um resumo de como foi o 1º semestre de 2022 dos nossos alunos da turma do Berçário (a partir de 4 meses) e K1.
Green Kids School: há 10 anos educando com amor!

Why enroll your child at Green Kids School?

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Why should you enroll your child in a bilingual school with an English Immersion Program?


Bilingual children develop a greater ability to ignore distractions and stay focused on their goal.


Bilingual education exercises and strengthens memory and the ability to retain information by triggering two languages in the child's brain.


The cognitive flexibility of bilingual early childhood education allows the child to create different scenarios to respond to situations.

Bilinguism is more than mastering a second language. Being bilingual is about learning to think in two different idioms.

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