Pedagogical Proposal


Green Kids School  pedagogical proposal foundations stands on the four bases of education: learn to know, learn to make, learn to live together, learn to be.

It is part of our ideals to merge the bases to the sustainable world, looking forward to a better integrated natural life.

All class rooms at Green Kids School contam com LOUSA DIGITAL, utilizadas como recurso pedagógico.

The Internet is available to the teachers as a powerful teaching tool and support to their daily teaching practice in the classroom.

Our curriculum is supported by the Referencial Curricular Nacional para a Educação Infantil, whose areas are:
> Nature and Society;
> Body Language;
> Oral and Written Language;
> Creativity development;
> Math and Logic Knowledge;
> Self and emotional development.


The evaluation will always be of the child in relation to herself and not in comparison with other children. The teacher’s gaze seeks to capture development, expression, construction of thought and knowledge. The evaluation is continuous.

Portfolio projects and construction are semiannual, as are teacher – parent conferences.