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Meat Free Monday

Thinking about the planet's sustainability, Green Kids School supports the Meat Free Monday movement, launched in the UK by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009. It is a global, non-profit campaign that aims to encourage people to help the planet by slowing climate change, preserving precious natural resources, and improving their health by having at least one meatless day each week.

Support for the campaign has spread to hundreds of schools and universities around the world, including Wadham, Regent's Park and Pembroke Colleges (Oxford), UCL and City University London. Therefore, on Mondays, we do not serve any kind of animal protein on our menu.

Cooking Class

Our nutritionist conducts cooking classes. Here students learn basic techniques, some cuts and food production processes, such as how to ferment a loaf of bread.

Food Safety

We have a list of qualified suppliers that provide us with quality raw materials and fresh products. That is, when the organic ingredients do not come straight from our kitchen garden. We strictly comply with all current legislation, following the good food safety practices in the kitchen.

Our employees are properly trained and qualified to prepare biologically safe food, ensuring the health of our students.

Our Menu

Our menu is developed contemplating all food groups. We follow the Brazilian Ministry of Health's recommendations for macro and micronutrient intake. This means that at Green Kids School children have a very diversified diet, including whole foods.

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