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Maria Pizzi has been many things in this life, but what she loved the most was being a MOTHER. As a mother, she worked as an advertising agent, copywriter, proofreader, translator, and Spanish teacher. Currently, she feels fulfilled in her dream of being part of the life and education of many children. She is very family-oriented, and likes to gather friends and loved ones for a chat. Reading and watching movies and series are her hobbies. She practices pilates and walks. Always ready for a coffee with cake and a chat!


Chief Financial

Beto has been in the Education field for 28 years, Managing Director of Educational Institutions such as Colégio São Luis, Colégio Miguel de Cervantes, SESI, and Centro Universitário São Camilo. Graduated in Engineering and Post-Graduated in Business Administration and Pedagogy. Several complementation and proficiency courses in English and Spanish. His favorite hobbies are being with family and friends, enjoying the benefits of various experiences and good music, books, movies, and cultural exchanges with different people and places.

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