The Nursery

The Green Kids School believes that Education, Knowledge and Character are built since the first moments of life.

We welcome babies since 4 months old, that will be assisted by specialized professionals, under the supervision of a pedagogical coordinator,  highly experienced regarding  this important age group.

imgs-ilustrativas-macaNursery areas were made up taking into consideration play and and learn with safety and confort.

imgs-ilustrativas-turmas-bercarioThe stimulation room is surrounded with special floor, so babies can crawl an get different experiences.  They take part of many motor and social activities as:

> music class ( with specialist teacher);
> psychomotricity activities (specialist teacher);
> play and imagination experiences;
> body and oral exploitation;
> special curriculum aiming to fulfill hygienic and nutritional needs, and physical motor development.

Our concern is to keep them continually interested in learning and to have our school as a dear place, where they feel safe even apart from parents.

Regarding Meals, Green Kids School’s menu is prepared according to a healthy, balanced and varied menu, planned by a Nutritionist. It can be downloaded or consulted on the school’s website.

Through constant dialogue with the families, Green Kids School manages to meet all the small details regarding the different phases of baby feeding.

Our Nursery Nannies have educational degree and have gone into training regarding children care: bathing, diapers changing, hygiene, feeding and baby stimulation.