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Educating with love for the past 10 years

W e are a Brazilian Bilingual Early Childhood Education school, located in Vila Leopoldina since 2011. Our pedagogical proposal is to educate global citizens within a bilingual context. Here, learning takes place through a full immersion experience involving the English language, in a natural way, and integrated into the school routine.
Early Childhood Education is a stage that deserves the parents' full attention. After all, the educational background during Early Childhood will impact the child's entire life until they reach adulthood. Therefore, it is time to invest in your child's future by making the right choice now!

Our Values

We are families' partners in educating the little ones. Values such as respect for the human being, socially responsible attitudes, a sustainable vision of the planet, and a critical view of the world are values that should be developed from early childhood on.

Playfulness & Affectivity

We believe that Early Childhood Education is built through affection and playfulness. Based on this, we develop in our students a more critical attitude and creative thinking, based on the natural curiosity that children demonstrate from birth.


We see technology as an important support tool in the learning process. All classrooms at Green Kids School have a DIGITAL BOARD, used as a pedagogical resource.


We prepare our students for a globalized world, because being able to speak English is a passport to other cultures and a prerequisite for a promising future career.


Outdoor area • Fruit tree • Adapted bathrooms • Nursery • Library • Kitchen • Play area • Nursery • Green Village • Vegetable garden

Lactation room - Laundry - Sand tank - Children's cafeteria - Babies' cafeteria - Babies' stimulation room - Art room - Classrooms adapted for different age groups - Solarium


All of our spaces offer accessibility and safety for children when moving around, because the floors are made of impact-absorbing materials.

We have a system of 32 internal security cameras (CCTV), with continuous recording in all environments. Students may only be removed from the school premises by legal guardians or authorized persons, upon presenting identification and written authorization and registered in the agenda.

The entrance and exit of our students is always accompanied by an employee trained in security and concierge, thus providing greater convenience and safety to parents and children.

Escolas do Bem (Schools for Good)

Green Kids School is recognized by the Noa Institute for contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established by the United Nations (UN).

This is a social responsibility program, which meets our sustainability educational pillar in its broadest sense. In other words, we are committed to all stakeholders with whom our school relates.

Throughout the year, you can keep track of the campaigns that we participate in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of our children, their families, our community, and the entire Green Kids School team.

Extracurricular Classes

The curriculum at Green Kids School includes classes with teachers who are specialists in Music, Psychomotricity, Judo, Robotics, Body Expression, and Spanish as part of the curriculum.

The purpose of their work is to develop the artistic abilities and the global motor skills among the students.

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