Turmas – Green Kids School


  • Nursery: from 4 to 11 months

  • K1: 1 year old until March 31st

  • K2: 2 years old until March 31st

  • K3: 3 years old until March 31st

  • K4: 4 years old until March 31st

  • K5: 5 years until March 31st


    At Green Kids School, we have a constant concern about developing in the little ones the interest in keeping on learning, making school a place dear to them, where they will be safe even away from their parents' care and attention.

    We believe that education, knowledge, and character are built from the very first moments of life. Thus, we receive children with great affection since they are four months old, who are taken care of by professionals with extensive experience in providing assistance during the first months of life. Our pedagogical coordinator is in charge of supervision.

    The nursery teachers have special training to assist the babies with general care, bathing, changing, hygiene, feeding, and stimulation. Green Kids School's infrastructure was totally designed so that children can play and learn with safety and comfort.

    • Music lessons (with specialized teacher)

    • Psychomotricity activities (with a specialized teacher)

    • Playing and imagining experiences;

    • Body language and verbal exploration.

      We completely meet the babies' needs for hygiene, feeding, care, and physical-motor development.

      Bilingual Early Childhood Education

      Here at Green Kids School, children are at the center of the learning process. With the concepts of Active Methodology by projects, we stimulate the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of our students in the classroom.

      All of this is carried out through play, with a lot of creativity and playful activities. Always in English, of course! We teach English through immersion, that is, we teach children to practice the new language during the school routine.

      While your child is at Green Kids School, he or she will be immersed in an environment where English is the official language. This allows the little ones to learn this new foreign language in a fun and spontaneous way.

      Uniform items:

    • T-shirt (long sleeve, short sleeve and tank top);
    • Pullover set in helanca or sweatshirt fabric;
    • Shorts;
    • Pants;
    • Skirt-shorts.
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